About Us

At Activated Oxygen Technologies, we strive to provide families with various wellness products that incorporate modern day technology with activated oxygen.

For many families, wellness starts at home. That’s why we are dedicated to creating products that provide households with a multitude of wellness solutions. Our current activated oxygen products range from air purifiers for both homes and vehicles to pet products and even refrigeration products.

Activated oxygen is best and most effectively known for its natural disinfection. When families incorporate activated oxygen products into their homes and vehicles, they’re removing pollutants and microbes from these spaces. By removing pollutants and microbes, the air is clean, more healthy and overall wellness for both pets and humans is improved.

How Do Activated Oxygen Products Work?

Each AOT product has an extensive filtration system incorporated into the product design. None of the filtrations is visible to the naked eye because we do not want family members to become susceptible to the exposure of these trapped pollutants.

Depending on the device, the typical process may look like this:

  • The air is sent into one of our activated oxygen products
  • The air then goes through a prefilter
  • Next, the air travels into an electronic dust collector
  • It moves out of the dust collector into an activated carbon filter
  • Then pushes its way through a HEPA filter
  • And out through an LED UV filter.

By the time the air is released back into the air, it’s been fully purified allowing for households to be pollutant and trapped smell free!

Are you ready to increase the overall wellness of your household with activated oxygen products? Click on the AOT product catalog and be mesmerized by all the different options you have available to remove pollutants, microbes, and germs from your household. Live Healthier. Love Wellness.

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