Businesses across the nation are joining the BerryBreeze™ revolution. Are you ready to make your mark on the sustainable lifestyle movement?

As a BerryBreeze™ retailer, you’ll be sending a clear message to your customers that your business cares about the health of their families and the future of our planet. You won’t just be carrying a popular, patented technology – you’ll also be building stronger relationships with your customers and your community. BerryBreeze™ is a cutting-edge product, and businesses that carry it separate themselves from their competitors.

MAP Policy Benefits All Retailers: Brick/Mortar & Online-only

  1. 1.     Applied to all retailers, establishing a “level playing field”.
  • ~Brick & Mortar and Online-only accounts must all adhere to the same advertised pricing policies.
  • ~Thus benefiting the B&M seller as to not just “showroom” a product – but to be able to be competitive with online retail.
  • ~Signing of MAP Policy by all accounts is mandatory. No exceptions.
  1. 2.     Value of brand is upheld.
  • ~When retailers advertise highly discounted products continually, the perceived quality of the brand is lowered. These pricing structures also work to undercut SRP strategy, which affects all retailers.
  • ~Advertising the brand as being “on sale” or in language not specifically tied to price or percentage-off helps to preserve the brand’s prestige and appeal.
  1. 3.     Sales can be advertised.
  • MAP applies only to advertised prices. All retailers can advertise sales at any time for any length of time, stating “low prices” or “lowest prices of the year” or other “sale” language. Restriction is only for advertised prices and discounts.
    • ~Physical Store Retailers can promote specific prices and percentage-off sales in their store windows and on signage within their stores. Only pieces that do not live within the physical store are forbidden to include this information (such as pieces mailed, emailed, posted online, advertised or handed to customers as postcards, fliers, brochures, etc.).
    • ~Online Retailers can promote specific prices and percentage-off sales within the store shopping cart where customer has placed items for purchase—and retailers can notify customers to place items in cart to see final price. Only ads, notices, emails and online postings outside of the cart are forbidden to include this information.
    • ~MAP Policy does not apply during category drives, at which time the brand will notify accounts of when MAP restrictions are suspended for given time.
  1. 4.     Retail Price is set by account.
  • ~MAP concerns the advertised prices—it does not determine the actual price at which an authorized retailer chooses to offer branded products for retail sale.
  • ~The brand’s authorized retailers are free to sell branded products at prices of their choosing at all times.


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