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“Saves My Veggies”
By Gregoryon April 20, 2017
“Works as described. Pre-Packaged salads lasted only three days at best in my fridge. Now they last well over a week, and past their expiration date. They do not go bad, at worst they just get dried out. I am hoping the batteries last a long time. Although four D batteries were only $6.00.”
“I can’t believe the difference this makes in my fridge…”
By Linda B. April 8, 2015
“I can’t believe the difference this makes in my fridge. I have a couple of bags of salad that I purchased a week ago and normally I would have had to throw them out because they spoiled, but I opened one for supper the other day and it was fresh! You can feel and sense the oxygen being circulated.”
“My wife keeps Korean kimchi in the fridge…”
By Marshallon February 4, 2017
“My wife keeps Korean kimchi in the fridge. It has a pungent strong smell that doesn’t go away.
We installed the Fridge Fresh into the fridge and my wife noticed the kimchi odor was gone in just a half hour! She was very impressed! This thing works!”
“Love this Berry Breeze”
By DDG on May 26, 2015
“I was skeptical but the Berry Breeze works great! I no longer have to throw away wasted berries and produce from the fridge because of spoiling. Fruits would be worthless in my fridge if I didn’t eat them up in 2 days and now with the Berry Breeze I’ve been able to have a week’s time to finish eating the fresh veggies and fruits. It really has let me buy the fresh food more often because I know I’ll be able to eat it up!”
Seriously, it works as described!”
By GAS on September 9, 2016
“We had a funky smell in the fridge and couldn’t pinpoint its origins. We decided to give BerryBreeze a try and WOW. Within a day the funk was gone. Our fruits and veggies do stay fresher longer. Im a huge fan of cherries and grapes, both of which can go bad pretty quickly. Berry Breeze has extended the shelf life of these favorites and all other unprocessed foods. Also, now that we’ve had this for several months the batteries are still going.”
“Love My Fridge Fresh”
By Lunap007 on February 29, 2016
“My produce has lasted a lot longer with this product. Before I purchased this item, whenever I would buy strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries they would last maybe 2 days in the fridge before getting moldy. Now with the Berry Breeze in the fridge they last over a week and I don’t have to worry about accidentally chewing on moldy blueberries. I really am saving money on produce; I find that I’m not throwing away an abundant amount of produce.”
“Moldy Odor Eradicated! :)”
By Mike B. November 21, 2014
“So here’s the deal, we bought a nice looking used fridge that was just a few years old, it was running great. What we didn’t notice in our moment of excitement getting such a good deal on it was that it had a distinct smell. Got it home, put in our food and within a day everything started tasting just like that smell — gross. Went to Google and found hundreds of home remedies and info that led me to believe it was mold in places I couldn’t see or get to which is when I really started regretting buying the fridge. And of course with every home remedy there was someone saying it didn’t work for them or didn’t last so I decided to look on Amazon. Low and behold I found this device 🙂 and being familiar with the ozone concept I decided to give it a try. It took about 2 weeks but it completely eradicated the odor and made the fridge useable.”
“Best Purchase… This saved me.”
By Lizette H. on July 18, 2017″
“This product is amazing. I have one of the GE Profile Refrigerators that constantly has moisture inside. Design issue that GE will not fix. Things wilt in two days and there is always a smell. In fact there will be mold on the walls due to refrigerator design. Many folks have the problem, just look it up. Anyway prior to purchasing a new refrigerator I decided to try this product. It is amazing, things stay fresh for weeks, no more moisture or mold on the walls. Always a fresh smell inside. I will never have a refrigerator without one. After talking to a refrigerator repair person they told me it is the energy efficient design and it is a poor design which will cause the problem if the refrigerator has more than a few items in it.

Everyone should have one of these. I kept a cut watermelon from the 4th of July until the 17th and it was still fresh. Only cling wrap on the top. I couldn’t believe it but the watermelon was still great. Love it.”

“I heartily recommend this device”
By Eudice on December 9, 2014
“Decided to give it a try as other things didn’t help. My fruit and vegetables spoiled quickly.

Put it in the fridge and made holes in bags and containers that didn’t have any. Really didn’t know if it would work. It gives off an odor that I have smelled before. It doesn’t permeate the food, but I think it is part of the disinfecting the light does as the air is circulated.

I have birds and feed the fruits. They love Papaya and the fruit is large. I only use a small amount every day and the Papaya tends to get white mold on the skin. I cut it off when feeding the birds. The one I had in the refidg. was over a week old and had some white dime size circles on it. I opened the bag it was in and I could not believe it when I opened the refrigerator the next day. The white mold circles were gone and the skin looked like it is supposed to, It truly amazed me. It is over a week now and no more mold.

I also put in the frigde an apple that was very large and I had cut a wedge out of it. It is now a week later and the apple looks as fresh as it did when I cut it. All my other vegetables are also in great shape.

I heartily recommend this device. I see it will save me a lot of money as I need the fruit and veggies for my birds, but they only eat a small amount daily, I won’t have to throw any away after a week or two..

It does use 4 large D batteries but they should last a long time and are the only thing that needs replacing. Just put it on the top shelf away from anything that would block it.

A great gift.”

“It works beautifully”
By Anthony H. on January 5, 2017
“It got rid of all the odors in the refrigerator. I have 3 in my house. For two of my large refrigerator, I putted two of them. IMPORTANT NOTE is that every time you put new batteries, make sure to leave it out in the open area for about one or two days. it creates it’s own odor during process of ionizing. After that, it works beautifully.”
“A must for those who enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables”
By Nancy T. on July 16, 2015
“I love fruit and vegetables and during the summer they are very plentiful. I always have some that begin to wilt or start to spoil within a few days before I can eat them all. After purchasing the Berry Breeze has really helped keep everything much fresher, I was very surprised that it worked as well as it did. I would recommend using one to save on waste of summer foods.”
“This product is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”
By Jo J. on February 5, 2016
“This is an absolutely incredible product. I gave it a true test. I prepared chicken cutlets with all sorts of spice and loads of garlic, and placed them in the refrigerator uncooked and uncovered. An hour later, I opened the fridge door – absolutely positively no odor whatsoever. Incredible. I also left my lettuce and cheese exposed (out of the packaging) since Sunday. Today is Friday and they are still fresh. If I could give this product 10 stars, I would. You will not be disappointed. Well worth the price!”