Toxic Free Solution

It’s no surprise, there are a substantial amount of chemicals and bacteria on fresh produce found at your local grocer. Because of this, labels containing the words toxic free, natural, organic, and eco-friendly are important to household grocery shoppers.

The sad thing is, many families can’t afford the price tags that come with these labels so seeking alternative options is key. FRIDGE FRESH® is an alternative option that allows households to put a small device in their refrigerators that uses activated oxygen to remove pollutants and microbes from fresh fruits and vegetables. This prolongs the shelf life of fruits and other produce while giving families the option to save money on expensive labels while keeping their health in check with fresh fruits and veggies.

It’s a common practice for households to wash their produce, then store fruits and veggies in a food preservation container inside their fridge. Using food preservation containers allows for fridge organization and keeps washed fruits and vegetables separate from non-washed. What families may not know is, when you store fresh fruits and vegetables in an enclosed container, this traps any remaining bacteria and pollutants into the container which in return causes those pollutants to grow and spoil your fresh produce faster.

What if, we told you that you no longer need to spend time and energy on storing your fruits and vegetables in air-tight containers? It’s true! With FRIDGE FRESH® families can wash produce and store it directly in the fridge without extra food storage containers. FRIDGE FRESH® removes pollutants creating a toxic free refrigerator environment. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to a toxic free fridge!